ICCA Chapters

Our Chapters allow our members from different organisations to work closely together ensuring best practice, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities are evident to all.  

Chapters consist of a Chapter Chair, a Deputy Chapter Chair, and National and Local Committees with specified areas of expertise (e.g., Marketing, Market Research, Education). The structure allows regions to pull together as one, bringing the best of the best into the bidding/hosting process, and creating a dynamic and attractive presence on the international stage.


African Chapter ➜

Asia-Pacific Chapter  ➜

European Chapter ➜

Latin American & The Caribbean Chapter ➜ 

Middle East Chapter ➜ 

North American Chapter ➜ 


Each Chapter is looked after by a designated ICCA Regional Director, someone with a complete understanding of the specifics of their region and backed by the support of the whole global ICCA organisation. The relationship between the Regional Director and the Chapter is of the highest importance to all, ensuring a strong and effective partnership can further the interests of all participants.