Governmental Meetings 

Governmental meetings are conducted at a regional and international level across the calendar year. It is a sector with huge potential, featuring numbers between 50 to 50,000 pax. Governmental meetings have been catergorised as high net worth meetings and we will collect and distribute data on this new revenue source by bringing it into our Business Intelligence proposition. It does, however, require a specific analytical approach, but the combined skillset of our Business Intelligence database - and our expert analysts - will deliver real results for our members. 

The new Governmental Meetings (GM) database is a work in progress and will be progressive in terms of numbers at the outset. We are currently gathering data and if you want to share your data on Governmental Meetings to enhance and quicken the process, please use the feedback button on Business Intelligence or forward to

By joining forces, we can turn this into an exciting new commercial asset and deliver substantial business opportunities. 

Gov Database


ICCA Business Intelligence Governmental Meetings FAQ