Legacy thinking...

The widely used term ‘legacy’ conveys the idea of building something over a long period of time. It refers to something an organisation leaves behind, their gift to a wider community.

ICCA understands the importance of legacy to the international events and meetings industry. We are committed to being a leader and resource for association legacy initiatives. Associations increasingly recognise the positive role they play as educators, influencers, and drivers of societal change. They do this by taking their content out of the conference hall and into the community. This desire to leave a legacy at a destination is having a dramatic impact on where meetings are being held… and why?


Through our many initiatives, activities, educational courses, and programmes… ICCA is an expanding resource hub of legacy stories. We are full of useful, relevant, and transferable information. Our intuitive and practical understanding of the visibility of legacy can inspire members and help them uncover their own legacy stories, weaving them into their bids. 

Our industry has an important voice on the international stage. ICCA is committed to sharing this voice at every opportunity by constantly promoting events and meetings in the highest circles. We are a proud advocate of the legacy potential our community shares at a local, regional, and international level. We recognise that it is the legacy stories that connect emotively. It is the legacy stories that reach into every continent and every sector, builds economies, impacts lives and helps communities. Using legacy as a guiding principle for what we do, allows us to make a positive and uplifting difference wherever we go. It gives us a narrative to restamp our importance on the global scheme of things. 

One thing is certain, legacy will matter more.