Legacy means building something over a long period of time. It refers to what an organisation leaves behind — their contribution to the community. 

ICCA is committed to its position as an advocate and resource for association legacy initiatives. Associations recognise the positive role they play as educators, influencers, and drivers of societal change, which is accomplished by moving content out of the conference hall and into the community. The desire to leave a legacy and make positive impacts at meeting destinations has a dramatic impact on the location-selection process. 



ICCA provides members with an expansive resource hub of legacy stories and valuable information they can use in shaping their own legacies. Our emphasis on the importance of legacy inspires members to create their own unique legacy narratives for use in their bids.  

Our industry has an important platform on the international stage. ICCA is committed to using this visibility to promote events and meetings that positively impact their host destinations. We are a proud advocate of the legacy potential our community shares at a local, regional, and international level. We recognise that legacy stories create connections, reach into every continent and sector, build economies, impact lives, and benefit communities.  

Using legacy as a guiding principle for what we do allows us to make a positive difference wherever we go. It gives us a narrative to communicate our importance on the global stage.