Diversity, Equity, Inclusion...

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is one of ICCA’s Advocacy pillars. We believe the way we work and the strategy we follow shows our real commitment to DEI. But, like all of us, we can – and should - do more.


A commitment to DEI is especially important for the international meetings and events community as it is a global forum for bringing people together from different cultures, different religions, and different social and economic backgrounds. The success of any event is often based on how included, represented, valued, and welcomed everyone feels. ICCA understands this... and helps our members achieve their objectives through knowledge sharing, promoting best practice, and highlighting inspirational examples. We achieve this through collaboration, communication, and education. 

At our events, especially our annual Congress, we like to hear different voices with different views bring their experiences to the fore. In many ways, we are a microcosm of a bigger global community, and we believe respect and openness is a positive way to build a better world. Something our industry is well-positioned to do. 

A fairer future for all.