Benefits for Meeting Professionals

Your ICCA membership will maximise potential opportunities with our extensive global network including the ICCA Association Community and generate closer, stronger, and better working relationships. Being a member has many benefits in three key areas.


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ICCA is based on an extraordinary understanding of the international events and meetings industry 60+ years in the making.

The knowledge your membership gains access to includes:

Congress – Where the industry gathers to listen, learn and share. Congress offers a full business, social, networking and legacy-building experience for our international members to help secure new business opportunities.

Education – Improving standards attracts, keeps, and develops new talent. Dynamic new voices are given a platform to help better both our industry, and society. Our education focus also helps members expand their understanding – and implementation – of the UN SDGs.

White Papers – Case studies, government reports, tech innovation updates… this is where you’ll find support, substantiation, and inspiration. We curate our WHITE PAPER archive in real time so members are updated and informed about key industry trends and initiatives.

ICCASkills – The first global certification programme for our industry. ICCASkills is developed, written, and delivered by renowned industry experts. The programme is agile and wide-reaching, and can be delivered on location to both members, and non-members.

Bespoke Reports – Need information or statistics on the real benefits – and legacy – of bringing a major event to your destination? We can help your bid build a compelling case why it simply must be you.

Marketing – We promote your business to the right people, at the right time, in the right areas. We can also advise on the right platforms to launch and successfully execute your campaigns.

Young Professionals – have their own highly visible platform at ICCA events. If you are someone keen to build an industry profile, or work with someone who does, contact us now about potential opportunities.


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Everything ICCA does has a business focus. We help our members maximise all their opportunities.

Database – ICCA is built on a world-famous database containing decades of in-depth information and analysis about the international associations industry. Membership grants you access - via your own My ICCA portal – to search through 220,000 meetings, 20,000 regularly occurring meeting series, and 11,500 associations. Expert analysts and trainers are available to show you how to get the best from the database so it becomes an effective - and essential – every day work tool.

Business Exchange – Business Exchange is an exclusive and exciting interactive programme, that takes place at Congress, ICCA Association Meetings, ICCA Chapter Meetings and trade shows. The objective is to give members access to people who have recently staged their own events to provide invaluable insight into how an event succeeded; discussing sustainability requirements, budget issues, contacts, timelines etc.

Business Workshops – An intensive and focused business networking event, bringing together senior decision-makers of association meetings with representatives from venues, convention bureaus and meeting planners. A maximum of 15 ICCA members each invite an accompanying decision-maker association executive. Through a series of one-on-one meetings, initial contact is made to discuss specific meeting requirements needed to secure the association business.

Big Data – Members access and use the latest data to build their compelling case to win new business. We help with hot industry topics, stats and information covering scientific publications and authors, to academic champions and university partners.

ICCA Business Analytics – Improves member knowledge of both the market and what competitors are doing. This invaluable product uses database intel to analyse the international meetings market and spot the most relevant – and achievable - business opportunities

Analysis – Use the lessons of the past to influence the decisions of the future. We help you spot trends, understand market forces, and see how our industry remains resilient and agile enough to keep moving forward.


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Everything we do in both knowledge and business is driven by – and finds a home at — events. We are a strong and visible presence at all the leading international events, trade shows and meetings. This world-immersion gives us the know-how and pragmatic toolkit to help you win, organise, and run your own major event, as well as give you potential access to associations who are actively looking for partners to host, help, and work on their next gathering. ICCA also has a number of exciting sponsorship opportunities for members, and we always have a considerable number of live Request For Proposals available to members.

Interested in joining? Reach out to your ICCA Regional Director.

Your Regional Director is your very own ICCA expert, who not only understands the ICCA DNA, but more importantly, is aware of the particular needs you have to grow both your business and brand in your location.

More than an internationally-renowned membership organisation, we are advocates for our industry and our members at international, regional and local levels.