ICCA Awards

ICCA is committed to celebrating innovation in all aspects of our industry. Awards are a great way to promote outstanding contribution. We have two headline awards across the calendar year, which we give a  major platform to at our annual Congress. We invite members to share their best work so we can bring their stories to our global community. 


The ICCA Best Marketing Award 

The ICCA Best Marketing Award recognises the clever-thinking and innovative spirit that really sets a destination or product apart, creating a compelling campaign that proves impossible to ignore. Established in 1997, the ICCA Best Marketing Award is a high-profile initiative, one that brings instant peer-to-peer kudos and widespread acclaim. Each year we set a new theme and challenge members to show how they have more than met the brief. A shortlist is made, a judging panel of industry experts convened, the finalists invited to share their work on the Congress main stage, before the winner is announced on the final morning. 

To find out more about the ICCA Best Marketing Award - including the case studies of previous winners – and this year's theme and entry process – click here

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Incredible Impacts 

Incredible Impacts – awarded in partnership with the BestCities Global Alliance – is a grant-based initiative celebrating the international association meetings that go 'beyond tourism’ and bring a meaningful legacy to a specific destination or cause. This is about societal change and making a real groundbreaking difference.   

After being chosen by an independent panel, an award of USD 7,500 is given to three outstanding association clients in September with their stories shared across all ICCA platforms. At Congress, in November, the winners are given a main stage platform to talk first-hand about their experiences. 

The Incredible Impacts Programme was first launched in 2015. It has gained tremendous traction since as an example initiative of what our industry can achieve when we venture away from the meeting hall and out into the wider community. Past winners have used this platform to address a range of serious global issues felt at all levels of society, demonstrating associations can be a major advocate for change, education, and hope. 

To find out more about The Incredible Impacts Programme – including case studies of previous winners – and the criteria for entry, click here


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Global Influencer 

The ICCA Global Influencer Award recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to - and influence on - the global meetings industry. 

This is an all-inclusive award that goes way beyond the usual category confines of associations, sectors and meeting professionals. The ICCA Global Influencer is someone truly unique making a profound and impactful difference in whatever area they are working in. It could go to someone with a vast array of experience, an industry veteran using their expert knowledge. Or it could be someone relatively new, full of energy and big ideas. Or it might be someone who has found a passion project and brought it to a wider audience. Or someone who just does what they do brilliantly without any fuss. It just needs to be someone who stands out for all the right reasons. 

The ICCA Global Influencer Award is presented by the ICCA CEO at the ICCA Gala Dinner at IMEX Frankfurt each May and promoted on all ICCA platforms.