A Global Perspective

The Experts’ View

Beyond Borders is as much about what comes next as what has come before. We have gathered leading experts from both inside and outside our industry to share their thoughts about what the coming years might entail. In an ever-changing world, we thank our experts for sharing their perspective gained from their deep professional knowledge, aptitude, and wisdom.
Discover what they have to say in short interviews about The World Economy, The Economic Value of our Industry, Advocacy on the Political Stage, Growing Industry Talent, Association Meeting Trends and Social Sustainability. We will be adding more expert contributions very soon.


The World Economy

David Goodger - MD, Europe and Middle East Tourism Economics, Oxford Economics


The Economic Value of our Industry

Frank Murangwa - Director of Destination Marketing, Rwanda Convention Bureau 


Advocacy on the Political Stage

Tommy Goodwin - VP, Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance  


Growing Industry Talent

Carina Bauer - CEO, IMEX Group 


Anita Mendiratta - Founder & President, AM&A 


Association Meeting Trends

Rodney Cox – Events Director, International Gas Union and Director at DELAPRO Pty Ltd


Monica Fontana - Executive Director, European Renal Association 


Fernando Fondevila - CEO, Promtur Panama