Business Intelligence 

ICCA Business Intelligence is built on an extraordinary Database containing decades of in-depth information and analysis about the international associations industry. It is our beating heart, providing members with useable data – updated daily - about live business opportunities (e.g., for Meeting Professionals), and events partners (for Associations). We are currently adding governmental meetings to our B.I. portfolio.

ICCA Business Intelligence is a resource of unparalleled reach which we are incredibly proud of.


My ICCA allows members to: 

  • Search through a database of 220,000 meetings editions, 20,000 regularly occurring meeting series, and 11,500 associations.

  • Find similar meetings in a particular destination and peer details for insights and advice.

  • Filter meetings by size, duration, association location and more.

  • Discover international associations in a particular area, or associations with members in your country.

  • Research meetings by subject matter, occurrence, and region.


Originally, that Database was built on several separate operating systems, but the latest developments make it more sustainable, and user friendly. User experience is key. Advances such as live alerts proactively telling users new records match their saved searches, saves time, and promotes action.


The Database is populated from 3 distinct sources: 

  • The ICCA Association Community, and associations attending ICCA events.  

  • Past and future calendar bookings from ICCA members. 

  • Specific research projects on individual market segments and geographical locations. 


Meetings included must be: 

  • Organised on a regular basis. 

  • Move between at least 3 different countries/territories.

  • Attract at least 50 online/in-person participants.

We also run regular Database training, and host a series of Business Exchange sessions where Meeting Professionals can share the data and experience on one major international event they have recently been involved with. Database intel also allows us to publish industry stats, insights and generate RFP’s. Members are also able to create their own unique tailored reports.

If you are interested in knowing more about the ICCA Database contact us.