ICCA believes the international meetings and events industry can be a force for societal change. That is why we place advocacy at the heart of what we do. By working with associations and members with different needs and different experiences across the globe, we can help create dynamic relationships that drive the betterment of not just the business world, but our communities as a whole.

Advocacy is built around education, best practice, inspirational content, knowledge sharing and collaborative opportunities. The international events sector is the perfect place to develop new ideas and better ways of working. ICCA is committed to being a champion of all things that are possible. To best explain some of the ways ICCA employs an advocacy framework to our working strategy, see InnovationSustainabilityLegacy, DEI and Young Professionals.
By using our network, our voice, our heritage, and experience… ICCA is the go-to industry leader of what forward-thinking practitioners can achieve in the working world.