This Month we get to know better FionTu Intelligent Technology (China) Corp 


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

We Fiontu intelligent believe by joining ICCA Community, we will be able to:

  • Expanding company business opportunities

  • Obtaining international knowledge exchange through education and networking

  • Exploring collaboration on Digital technology nationally, regionally and internationally

  • Creating impact to business events industry


Tell us your story. How did FionTu Intelligent Technology (China) Corp get started?

The year 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of China's overthrow of the imperial system and its move towards a republic. At this critical historical node, China is moving forward in the reform with a new attitude, and Fiontu intelligent was established in this year.

The business type of Fiontu intelligent is in the smart AV industry. At that time, China's smart AV industry was dominated by foreign brands, but there was no domestic brand to compete with. The innovation of domestic brands and products was insufficient, lagging behind other products. High-quality enterprises in the industry carry out agency processing services, resulting in China becoming a production base for foreign brands to exploit.

The founders of Fiontu intelligent started their entrepreneurship with the dream of making China's intelligent AV industry go global with innovative technologies and high-quality products. 2022 marks the 11th anniversary of the founding of Fiontu intelligent, which has grown from scratch, from small to large, and from large to strong.

In the past 11 years, Fiontu intelligent has made great progress in the torrent and created many proud industry leaders, such as the first gooseneck free array microphone conference system, the first drag type large-scale network audio processor in China, the first digital-analog dual backup conference unit, the first short pole dual microphone, dual-link conference microphone, the first recording microphone technology used in the conference system, the first large clock display interface used in the conference microphone unit. It is the first time to apply the function that calling back the service center to bring coffee to the delegate unit... to set an industry benchmark and lead the industry development.

Our steps have not stopped, but we have made every effort to move forward.


What sets FionTu Intelligent Technology (China) Corp apart?


Founded in 2011, Fiontu intelligent is committed to building an enterprise of "global intelligent audio and video equipment manufacturing and service provider". Years later, it has a number of core technologies and independent intellectual property rights in the field of intelligent audio and video.

With the enterprise vision of building a "leading brand of global intelligent audio and video equipment manufacturing and service",its business has spread across many countries and regions around the world, with rich implementation experience and many benchmark cases. In today's fierce market competition, Fiontu intelligent, as the core of an innovative enterprise, is to continue to strengthen independent research and development and innovation capacity building.

Fiontu intelligent has a high-quality R&D, production and research team. Among them, the industry experience of the core technical team is more than 20 years on average. Professional people do professional things. Only by making the best of their technology can they have a chance to win, so as to ensure that the competitiveness of the enterprise is improved and the enterprise is invincible in the fierce market competition.


What is your favorite success story from your organisation?

It surely is the strength of the team – unity, and cooperation!

Fiontu intelligent has been going through 11 years of trials and hardships, and behind its success is the strength of the team, not the individual. Fiontu intelligent has a strong and invincible team.

Everyone in Fiontu intelligent realizes his/her self-worth and maximizes his/her personal potential here, which is why Fiontu intelligent can stand out in the highly competitive industry and maintain its unique enterprise advantage. Each member of Fiontu intelligent is loyal to his/her team, his/her career, does his/her own job well, and makes unremitting efforts for the common goal.


What can we expect to see from FionTu Intelligent Technology (China) Corp in the future?

Facing the future, we Fiontu intelligent should have the right direction

  1. For employees, people-oriented is the foundation, and more emphasis is placed on the training of talents, the development of innovative technologies, and high-quality servies, so that each employee can realize their own value.
  2. For development, only 'deformation' is far from enough, and 'butterfly change' can maintain vitality forever. For example, seize the opportunity, base on the direction, and constantly explore and innovate. The business expansion of the enterprise meets different needs, combines the accumulation of excellent professional experience and broad international vision, and cooperates with each other.


Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?

Founded in 1963, ICCA, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is an international association that gathers conference industry suppliers, buyers, professional conference organizers, conference tourism bureaus, destination management companies, and conference and tourism-related enterprises and government agencies. As a world-renowned professional association, ICCA has important influence and popularity in the international conference industry. Fiontu intelligent will actively play its role by closely cooperating with ICCA and its members to help the high-quality development of the global intelligent AV industry and lead the new development direction of the industry.


What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?

Two simple examples:

  1. The high-quality enterprises in the industry lack innovation power, and there are multiple weaknesses in innovation ability.

    The urgent need for development under the new normal Compared with some innovative developed countries in the world, the overall innovation vitality of the intelligent AV industry is still insufficient, and innovation activities are still limited to a few enterprises. The lack of outstanding innovation effect inhibits the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation. There is also a large gap in innovation performance among different types and departments in China.
  2. Inadequate ability to protect intellectual property

    As China enters a new stage of development, intellectual property protection plays an increasingly important role in encouraging innovation, optimizing the business environment, and expanding opening up. The exclusivity of intellectual property rights determines that only enterprises with independent intellectual property rights can remain invincible in the market. Many enterprises are opportunistic, so as to obtain interests that do not belong to them at the minimum cost. We call for protecting enterprises' independent innovation, combating malicious competition of intellectual property rights, and safeguarding enterprises' own rights and interests.