This Month we get to know better Mayvin Global


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

As a consultancy, Mayvin Global has been involved with ICCA since 2017. In addition, a number of our team have been involved with ICCA initiatives throughout their careers through the Business Events industry.  Mayvin Global’s relationship with the association has gained strength over the years with our CEO and Founder, Deanna Varga invited to speak and be involved with various programs. Deanna was also involved in the launch of the ICCASkills program as a co-author and instructor – both online and in person (including Ethiopia and New Zealand).  Our relationship with ICCA has been a mutually beneficial one, that can only become stronger by joining the association as an active member.

On a more personal level, Deanna has been involved with ICCA since 2003 when she won an industry scholarship and nominated to attend the 2003 ICCA Congress in Busan, Korea. It was a transformational experience for her career and has kept ICCA close to her heart.


What sets Mayvin Global apart?

Our commercial thinking and lived experience from both supplier and association viewpoints.

Our transferable skills support associations with revenue generation challenges and risks they are facing whilst also recognising how they can work with and leverage from destinations, destination suppliers and events to fulfil their purpose. 

Our team bring lived experience from the supplier side (including international destination marketing organisations such as Tourism Australia, Business Events Sydney, Visit London, Destination British Colombia as well as consulting to convention centres, CVBs, venues, PCOs and other industry suppliers) coupled with working with and for membership based organisations means we understand the importance of business events as a profit driver for supporting purpose while mitigating and diversifying other revenue sources.


Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?

  • De-risking revenue streams and looking at how association meetings fit within existing revenue streams.
  • The changing needs of audiences and the challenges of different demographics – early career/ next generation versus mid-late career members.
  • How will associations integrate ai in their organisations and support or advocate for adoption /best practice within the sectors in which they operate?