A huge thank you to Tina Altieri from Media Australasia Xchange (MAX) for sharing insights and top tips on crisis communication that will greatly help with preparing and strategising going forward. Quick tips include:

1. Communicate concisely, early and often

2. Be open and honest, approach situation with empathy

3. It’s ok to say you don’t have a complete picture

If you weren't able to join us live, you can view the webinar on crisis communication below and view the presentation.

During the webinar, Tina Altieri asked how prepared the participants were in terms of a crisis media plan and their thoughts on if there was a place for one considering the scale of the magnitude. You can see that 86% felt crisis communication is important but only 12% felt adequately prepared for the situation.

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If you haven't got time to watch the full recording, you can see the key take-aways here.