Last month I wrote about the importance of “Candor” when building a long-lasting relationship between associations and suppliers.  However, to thrive in today’s world partnerships are not only forged between associations and suppliers, but also between suppliers and suppliers as well as associations and associations.

In a recent Press Release we learned more about a new partnership between the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE) and the volunteer aid organization Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) who have joined forces to improve outcomes in disadvantaged communities by focusing efforts on sustainable aquaculture.

This partnership has been created not only to further a cause or profession but to stimulate change and improve  human existence. This gives me hope that the world of associations will help humanity overcome the many differences and challenges we are facing today. Wherever I look, whatever I read – association experts say the same thing – associations are here to be the force of change – association meetings are the ones to boost economic growth.

What does this mean for ICCA members?

As experienced association meeting professionals ICCA members are the ones who need to embrace the change and be the driving force to encourage any kind of partnerships whether within their destinations or within certain fields they specialize in. And I am proud to say many of our ICCA members are distinguishing themselves from the mass by being pioneers in building partnerships. There are already too many to name them all, my only advice would be – keep going, be the ones to pioneer this new trend and it will pay off! Association meetings have always traditionally been a dependable source of business but the time has come when associations are starting to play an even greater role, where other means have failed.

With best personal regards,

Ksenija Polla, CMP

Director Association Relations