Extension of the submission deadline 

2021 ICCA Destination Performance Index

(Reinvented ICCA rankings)

How did your 2021 Events look like?

Traditionally, our publication date coincides with IMEX Frankfurt, one of the largest annual meetings and events industry exhibitions in the world. This year, IMEX Group has announced it will postpone its 2022 event due to the spread of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus. The event, which was originally scheduled for April 26-28 and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, is now scheduled for May 31- June 2 at Germany’s Messe Frankfurt convention facility.

As a result, ICCA has decided to postpone the deadline for statistical submission from our members with a month. We thank the members who already submitted their info to us and would like to urge all others to kindly take note of our new cut-off date.

In last year’s annual statistical report, ICCA made a conscious decision not to include a destination ranking as we wanted to ensure proper representation of what happened that year amongst ICCA community.

However, as the pandemic is nearing its second year and our global community has revived and reinvented itself, we at ICCA are assessing the performances and competitiveness of the various destinations represented by our members worldwide. We recognise that regional and seasonal COVID-19 policies and regulations have caused an uneven playing field within our membership.

In order to cope with these varying conditions, ICCA will be introducing the “Destination Performance Index” only for our 2021 Statistics, which will consist of multiple indicators to quantify the performance and competitiveness of a given destination. As such, ICCA will publish several indexes such as digital and hybrid capacity, in-person events, and business continuation performance of destinations. These indexes will act as key drivers for ICCA member destinations achievement and adaptability.

In addition, we will also publish the 2021 Destination Comparison Report and the ICCA Statistical Study Report to provide a more comprehensive outlook of the industry.


Tell us what happened to your Events!

We would like to ask you to provide information about 2021 events that were confirmed for your destination/venue. Let us know if your events were affected or otherwise, paying special attention to the status below for a more in-depth analysis.

• Unaffected – 100% F2F, in-person meeting, no hybrid element

• Digital – Virtual meeting, no in-person element

• Hybrid – combination of digital and F2F

• Relocated

• Postponed

• Cancelled

Submission deadline: 01 March 2022

See the submission guidelines


Please send your submissions to Kavitha Pragalathan, Manager Research, and Market Analytics at kavitha.p@iccaworld.org

Feel free to submit your data in any format you have started collating. The sample template can be found here. Please refer to ICCA meeting submission guidelines for more information on our criteria. 

We encourage you to start submitting right away so that the ICCA Research team has sufficient time to reach out to you should additional information be required.