The power and potential of an ICCA event brings the world closer together, giving our members real, insightful on-the-ground support so businesses, brands and reputations can grow. 


We want ICCA members to feel proud of the role they play in our wonderful global ICCA community... and our events are essential to achieving this.


With this in mind, we are now issuing calls for Request For Proposals to host a number of key ICCA events in 2024 and 2025. Picture the impact, visibility, and legacy of bringing association members from the international community into your destination and venue. This is your chance – as host – to reach influencers and decision makers in global events planning. This is your chance to part of what we do. 


  • The Future of Healthcare Meetings 2024 / 2025 - Read the RFP The Bid is Closed 
  • ICCA Global Association Community Forum 2024 / 2025  - Read the RFP
  • ICCA Congress 2025 / 2026  - Read the RFP 


Business Workshops 

  • ICCA Destination Marketing Europe 2024 - Read the RFP
  • ICCA Destination Marketing International 2024 -  Read the RFP
  • ICCA Venue Business Workshops Europe 2024 - Read the RFP This Bid is Closed
  • ICCA Venue Business Workshops International 2024 -  Read the RFP


Remember, the ICCA promise is to provide global influence, regional insight, local impact. Our heritage, knowledge base, experience and network of connections is without equal. We are based in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America. We have an expert ICCA voice ready to share and discuss info on ICCA topics and initiatives; including ICCASkills, Case Studies, Market Intelligence, White Papers and Bespoke Reports.  


There are always other opportunities on the horizon, and one of the most exciting and attractive is sponsorship. Sponsorship gives a brand exceptional visibility in a very targeted market. We have some new and exciting sponsorship partnerships that we are happy to discuss right now, so please contact us.