The summit themed Forging a Collective Path to a Prosperous Future has set the stage for a transformative journey within the realm of business events. This two-day event brought together event professionals and industry stakeholders in a shared endeavor to shape a robust and sustainable future. The summit highlighted the vital significance of teamwork, ingenuity, and conscientious approaches, emphasising how the business events sector can foster a more sustainable and equitable global community. More than 140 delegates representing 11 countries participated in the summit, where over 25 speakers shared their insights. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to both the speakers and moderators for their invaluable contributions to the success of the event.


The summit commenced with registration and a warm welcome coffee, creating an inclusive atmosphere for participants. The opening session featured notable speakers, including Anju Gomes, Regional Director of ICCA ME, Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO, H.E. Azzan Al Busaidi, Under Secretary of Ministry of Heritage & Tourism, and Khalid Al Zadjali, ICCA ME Chapter Chair & Director of Oman Convention Bureau.


A dynamic conversation followed, exploring the relationship between city festivals, business events, and the airline industry. This session spotlighted the symbiotic relations between these elements and their potential to foster cultural richness, economic growth, and unforgettable experiences.


The day progressed with sessions on empowering young adults and cultivating involvement in the meetings industry. Notable panelists shared insights into attracting, engaging, and retaining young talent, taking into account their motivations, skills, and desires. An insightful session on securing the digital future and exploring the role of cyber security and digital transformation solutions, including GDPR compliance. As technology advances, the importance of data protection and cybersecurity became evident, ensuring the safety of digital assets and operations.


Interactive sessions encouraged open conversations and reflections, allowing participants to share unique perspectives. The day included unveiling of the 63rd ICCA Congress destination, the ME leadership thought leadership group and site inspection of Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre. The summit continued with a case study showcasing the empowerment of inclusion and advocacy through international meetings. The positive impacts of inclusivity were highlighted, encouraging a diverse and enriching experience for all attendees.


The emergence of dynamic destinations for business events was explored, focusing on the untapped potential and vibrant cultures of these rising stars. Panel discussions emphasised the significance of these destinations in shaping extraordinary event experiences. The summit concluded with a leadership perspective on strategic decision-making and sustainability. CEOs shared their insights into leadership strategies, strategic decision-making, and the integration of sustainability practices in business. The wrap-up session provided a platform for consolidating insights and setting a course of action for the future. Participants reflected on collective learnings, key takeaways, and future endeavors.


The summit, Forging a Collective Path to a Prosperous Future, successfully brought together industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders to envision a sustainable and equitable future for the business events sector. Through informative discussions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, participants gained valuable insights into economic studies, inclusion, digital transformation, and the potential of emerging destinations. The event emphasised the power of collective efforts in addressing challenges, promoting responsibility, and fostering growth. It's clear that the journey towards a prosperous future requires collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to positive change.


We thank the host & supporters of the event, The  Ministry of Heritage & Tourism, Oman Convention Bureau, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Intercontinental Hotel, Desert Dreams and Infoplus for their commitment and support.



We are delighted to share some thoughts and feedback about the 3rd ICCA Middle East Summit here:

“As the curtains fall on the ICCA Middle East Summit, let us carry forth the ignited passion and insights to illuminate the path ahead. Together, we've kindled a flame of progress, where the spirit of cooperation and forward thinking will guide our industry towards a future brimming with possibilities and positive impact.” Senthil Gopinath, CEO of ICCA


“As the summit comes to a close, let us take with us the inspiration and insights we've gathered here to shape a future where collaboration, innovation, and sustainability guide us toward unmatched prosperity. Together, we chart a course that not only elevates the business events industry but also empowers a global community committed to positive change. This includes ICCA's unwavering support in expanding the association market share in the Middle East and fostering growth in the business events sector." Khalid Al Zadjali, Oman Convention Bureau


“As we conclude the ICCA Middle East Summit, let's embrace the momentum of collaboration and innovation ignited here. This summit has set us on a path to transform challenges into opportunities, shaping a future in which the business events industry becomes a catalyst for sustainable growth and remarkable global connections. Said Al Shanfari, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre


As the Executive Vice President of Dubai World Trade Centre, I am thrilled to be a part of the ICCA ME Summit in Oman. This summit serves as a significant platform for exchanging ideas, fostering innovation, and collaborating on the future of the Middle East. I was pleased  to engage with industry leaders, thought provokers, and pioneers during this event, as we collectively shape the region's economic landscape." Mahir Julfar, EVP, DWTC


As the Acting CEO of the Saudi Conference and Exhibition General Authority (SCEGA), I am honored to have been part of the ME Summit in Oman. This summit provided a tremendous opportunity to showcase the Kingdom's commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and economic growth within the Middle East. We are working together to shape a brighter future for the Middle East.” Amjad Shacker, SCEGA


Thank you for you kind words. We hope to share details of the 4th ICCA Middle East Summit in due course.