To recognise this year’s top ICCA Data Provider, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Ms Marian Tabera, Bid Researcher & Event Pipeline Executive, VisitBritain/VisitEngland, has been chosen "Researcher of the Year 2021" and will receive a certificate, together with a sum of €500 to be put against any ICCA product or event within 24 months of winning the award! 

We appreciate Marian’s cooperation to help contribute excellent meetings information to the database. We are confident she will be an inspiration for other members who are not yet using the database and its update functionality to their fullest potential. Because of her efforts, the ICCA Database offers improved data for other ICCA members!’


Why do you consider it so important to contribute your meeting information to ICCA Data?

The ICCA Database is a pool of opportunities and knowledge for all of us! It is essential that we keep on contributing if we want to uphold the quality of information and, therefore, benefit from a healthy database.


What do you gain from using the ICCA database for your work with VisitBritain?

The Business Events team at VisitBritain represents and promotes the UK’s (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) outstanding destinations, venues and business event suppliers to the international events market. Using the ICCA database, I am able to research, identify and target prospective international events with the aim of working and supporting our destinations in order to bring these events to the UK.


What advice do you have for other ICCA members who haven’t actively used the ICCA Database?

The ICCA database is an amazing source of information. They should incorporate the database research into their daily tasks in order to be more competitive and to avoid any opportunities. 

Also, take joint responsibility in ensuring the database is up to date. If you are able to make any updates that can contribute towards a more accurate database, please press the red button.  Everyone will benefit from it in the long run!


Do you have any Database tips for your fellow ICCA members?

Check that the event you are targeting is updated and compare the information on the database against the official website. Rotation is also important in order to see if the event can be held in your area and a RFP will help you massively to understand all the financial and administrative requirements.


What do you plan to do with you€ €500 voucher? 

I would love to attend the Word Congress in 2022 or 2023! This will help to widen my knowledge o the meetings industry which ultimately will also serve my organisation, VisitBritain.


Have you been able to use the ICCA database to help you navigate the challenges of the pandemic or adapt to ‘The new normal’?

Definitely! Over the last two years, I have used the database to understand how our industry has adapted to ‘the new normal’, using the system to track ongoing trends and gain an understanding of how the industry is adapting, including the switch to virtual events. I am also in constant contact with the research Team are always happy to help and prompt to questions. (Thank you, Clyde!)


Tell us something that is happening/in the works at VisitBritain that you’d like the members to know about.

We are getting ready for ‘MeetGB Virtual’ from 15-17 February, where we will be joined by 70 UK partners who will virtually reconnect and meet with event partners from across the globe. In addition, we are putting together a number of other activations supporting the recovery of our cities across the UK during the next three months. Looking further ahead we are looking forward to seeing all our clients at industry trade shows and in market in the coming year – it is a really exciting year for the UK!