Each month we’ll feature someone from the ICCA Association Community and ask them to share their vision, mission, thoughts and feelings about the work they do… and the kind of people they are.

This will help give members real insight into the heart of our association community… and the people they wish to connect with. This time Jon Bruno, Executive Director, TIES


Please explain to us in a few sentences, what does TIES do?
The International Ecotourism Society is focused on the growth and development of positive natural sustainable tourism worldwide. Our definition of ecotourism is the most used, and our work upholds our principles through education, membership, and global engagement. Since our founding 34 years ago, and especially in the last decade, we have seen ecotourism grow into a major force in the world, and we look forward to continued growth.  

Why did you join the ICCA Association Community?
The most important thing any of us can do is collaborate for beneficial outcomes for the future. The ICCA association community allows me time with valued colleagues and access to the best, most current information.

Interesting facts about TIES?
We’ve done over 100 events and at least ten events on each of the five continents. We have members in over 200 countries and territories.  

What is your top tip to other association professionals going into 2024?
Collaborate. Get involved with organizations in and out of your area of focus.  Find what you do well and help others to do it well.


What is the most unusual and exciting place you have organized and/or attended a professional event?
There is no one place. My work with TIES has taken me to over 50 countries, and has blessed me with the ability to spend time with unique people and cultures. I wish everyone could see what I have seen.


In your opinion, what is the most important challenge the events industry needs to tackle in the next decade?

The events industry needs to place even greater recognition on the fact that we are a global body. We should strive compete less and continue to strengthen each other more.