Join ICCA on Global Meetings Industry Day, Tuesday 30th March, and do something out of the ordinary as we journey ‘Around the World in 360 Minutes’ – an online odyssey for the international events and meetings industry.


We are bringing together top experts from across the globe to share their insights and expertise in a dynamic 360-degree format… in 360 minutes. That’s 6 speakers, from 6 regions in 6 hours. And you, as a specially invited audience member, will have the opportunity dip in, to listen and learn from some of the key influencers and innovators in the international associations industry, speaking live from their location, straight into yours. And the event is free. All we ask, is your presence.


With industry veterans from across the world, you can enjoy a truly global view (from a very local perspective) on the latest trends, best practices, technologies, opportunities, and issues facing and shaping our global industry. Potential topics include:


· Initiatives around advocacy

· Event planning and management

· The true local/national value of association meetings

· Insight into winning bids

· Promoting sustainability and legacy goal

· Investment in meetings infrastructure

· Changing behaviour and new business models


But the agenda isn’t set, because like all good adventures, the potential of surprise and spontaneity often has the biggest impact. We can guarantee there will be plenty of hands-on useful content to help you on your way.

The sessions are:

 ICCA Asia Pacific Region Session - 2 PM MYT (8 AM CEST)

 ICCA Middle East Region Session - 11 AM GST (9 AM CEST)

ICCA Africa Region Session - 10 AM SAST (10 AM CEST)

 ICCA Europe Region Session - 3 PM CEST

 ICCA Latin America Region Session - 9 AM COT (4 PM CEST)

 ICCA North America Region Session - 11 AM EDT (5 PM CEST)

This event is a unique opportunity to get 'real time’ insight into what's happening in our worldwide business community.


So come on, let’s embrace the spirit of Global Meetings Industry Day… the ICCA way, the inspirational way, the fun and interesting way. Book your virtual spot now on a giddying, super-inspiring 6-hour business break, from the comfort of your own home office space… and go ‘Around the World in 360 Minutes’ with ICCA on Tuesday, March 30th.