Panamá is rapidly emerging as a top destination for business events and international congresses. Seen across the globe as a link between huge oceans; Panamá is a home to ingenuity and creative thinking, to making the impossible seem possible… a place where things simply get done. 

This ‘can do’ spirit extends to Panamá’s desire to make itself a leading hub for the international associations industry… and why ICCA is proud to announce Panamá as our newest Association Partner. It's also why we are gathering senior ICCA personnel together for a special Regional Development Strategy Meeting in Panamá City from March 14-17. Both developments firmly reinforce ICCA’s ongoing commitment to Panamá, and Latin America, an emerging region with exponential growth opportunities for the meetings and events industry. 


So why Panamá? The real question is: why has it taken so long? The inevitable – and irresistible - rise of Panamá is based on many contributing factors, from a strategic geographical location to an ambitious vision from the public and private sectors. Vibrant, colourful, perfectly situated in the heart of the Americas… Panamá offers an abundance of natural beauty, world-class business and events infrastructure, and a rich cultural heritage that is sure to leave a lasting impression - and legacy - on international associations and business visitors.  

One of Panamá’s great selling points is its nature and commitment to biodiversity. Stunning landscapes, lush rainforests, beautiful beaches along both Caribbean and Pacific coast… make it picture postcard perfect and a wonderful destination for people to meet – and bond – in a truly awe-inspiring environment. 

In addition to its natural beauty, Panamá is also rich in cultural heritage. The country's history is blessed with a mix of indigenous cultures, Spanish colonial influence, and Afro-Caribbean traditions. Visitors can explore ancient ruins, wander the cobbled streets of colonial towns, or dance the night away to the music of the streets. 


But of course, it's not just Panamá's natural beauty and cultural/social heritage that appeals to events industry leaders. The country also offers a range of world-class venues and facilities to host conferences, exhibitions, and other corporate events. From the state-of-the-art Panamá Convention Center to numerous luxurious and multipurpose hotels, Panamá has everything needed to create an impactful, successful, and memorable event. 


Finally, Panamá is renowned for its people, for the warm welcome which makes visitors feel right at home. Having a great time is a way of life. 

Natural beauty, cultural heritage, modern infrastructure, warm hospitality, a strong national identity. It's no wonder that more and more companies are choosing Panama as their go-to destination for business events and meetings.  


As for ICCA? We very much look forward to our time in Panamá in the coming days and reiterating our long-term commitment to our newest partner. We are excited about the role we can play helping Panamá raise its global profile as an international associations market powerbase.