The red update button is your friend! The more you use it, the more concrete information you get. ICCA members - together with the ICCA team - are working hard to achieve a mutually beneficial situation of sharing information on the ICCA Association Database. 

Keep finding ways to press it and you'll be in the running to become the next Researcher of the Month - or even Researcher of the Year!

Erwin Matheeuwsen, Research Coordinator at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre has secured the coveted title this month! Here's what Erwin had to say:


How is the ICCA database beneficial for your organization?

ICCA’s database is a very helpful and efficient tool for finding relevant international association conferences that have the potential to be hosted in New Zealand. It keeps our very new Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre supplied with more than sufficient leads and me with an inexhaustible workload.

Do you have any tips for your fellow ICCA members?

Feed ICCA Business Intelligence (‘the new database’) with as much intelligence as possible. We’re all responsible for keeping it up to date! Now it is easier than ever by using the feedback option on every database page. While researching your potential clients, just copy paste the webpage address with relevant new conference edition or contacts info and click Submit. As we say here down under: You’re good as gold!

What positive message would you like to share with ICCAWorld?

We’re off to an amazing start here at Te Pae Christchurch. We’ve achieved results in the first year after opening that were not expected until around year 10. I guess I can take a holiday now.