To recognise this year’s top ICCA Data Provider, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Mr. Erwin Matheeuwsen , Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre, has been chosen "Researcher of the Year 2023" and will receive a certificate, together with a sum of €500 to be put against any ICCA product or event within 24 months of winning the award! 

We appreciate Erwin’s cooperation to help contribute excellent meetings information to the database. We are confident he will be an inspiration for other members who are not yet using the database and its update functionality to their fullest potential. Because of his efforts, the ICCA Database offers improved data for other ICCA members!


Why do you consider it so important to contribute your meeting information to ICCA Business Intelligence?

Updating our bid wins and meeting information to ICCA gives our team the opportunity to share valuable meeting info with fellow ICCA members and to raise the profile of Te Pae Christchurch within the wider ICCA community and meetings industry. The more organisations in our industry who contribute their meeting information to ICCA Business Intelligence, the more beneficial this data is for everyone, leading to better hosting opportunities for all.


What do you gain from using the ICCA Business Intelligence for your work with Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre?

ICCA Business Intelligence is an indispensable resource for targeted and strategic lead searching and for uploading and updating data. Without this tool, I would spend more time researching the client information we require for finding relevant prospects.


What advice do you have for other ICCA members who haven’t actively used the ICCA Business Intelligence?

Give it a go! ICCA Business Intelligence makes researching so much more efficient. This tool provides members with usable data, allowing you to be more targeted, productive and successful in finding quality prospects for your team.


Do you have any ICCA BI tips for your fellow ICCA members?

Allow ICCA to update you with the latest RFP’s, new additions to your saved targeted searches or recommended series, which can be sent direct to your Inbox.


What do you plan to do with you€ €500 voucher?  

Together with Tourism New Zealand, Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre is hosting the ICCASkills Training in September 2024. I look forward to attending this three-day training course, which will be a great opportunity to brush up my knowledge I learnt at the ICCA Research Sales & Marketing Programme in Amsterdam a few years ago.


Tell us something that is happening/in the works at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre that you’d like the members to know about.

In November 2023, Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre was honoured to be awarded the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award in the Community and Government Projects category. 

Since we opened our doors almost two years ago, we are working hard toward becoming a certified Toitū net carbonzero organisation. Our team are proud to be leading the industry in world class sustainable operations and creating meaningful change. For us it’s about legacy - what we leave behind for future generations, and how we instil values that will ensure we are environmentally sensitive for years to come. We are committed to making constant small improvements throughout our business to ensure to meet our sustainability goals.