“When we come together as a global community, we are capable of delivering extraordinary results. By bringing the Future of Healthcare Meetings to Zürich and Düsseldorf, we can fully develop and grow this industry-changing - and hugely important - ICCA initiative.”

Senthil Gopinath, CEO, ICCA 

International meetings are the drivers of change. They bring golden opportunities for knowledge exchange, cross border collaboration, commercial growth, and creating lasting legacy initiatives. ICCA is committed to developing bigger and better international meetings, and we are delighted to announce two major events coming to the renowned destinations of Zürich and Düsseldorf in 2024 and 2025 as we expand our Future of Healthcare Meetings programme.  

Last year, ICCA hosted the 1st Future of Healthcare Meetings in Cannes. It was an overwhelming success. Earlier this year, we gathered in Ístanbul for the 2nd edition and again, the results were excellent. The announcement of the 3rd and 4th editions is testament to the industry-wide interest, popularity, and results the Future of Healthcare Meetings initiative generates, and ICCA’s undoubted strength as a leader working in this vital global sector. 

The Future of Healthcare Meetings gives meetings professionals a unique opportunity to get close to association members, so they understand how associations are changing both the vision - and the delivery - of their meetings. We'll be reconvening in Zürich, Switzerland for the 3rd Future of Healthcare Meetings on the 2 – 4 September 2024. This is an ideal in-person opportunity for delegates to meet senior management figures from the association community, and other ICCA members.    

In Zürich, participants can gain real industry insights, leverage stakeholder engagement, discuss legacy initiatives, embrace next generation thinking, future proof their business proposition, develop real and lasting networking opportunities, and discover unmatched industry education and professional development through ICCASkills.   

Registration is not open yet but save the date, it's coming very soon!    

With meetings already scheduled for Zürich and Düsseldorf, the Future of Healthcare Meetings will continue to grow in size and stature. Make sure you are part of this ongoing success story.