This Month we get to know better Convention Bureau – Wroclaw 

What was your motivation to join ICCA?

As we all know, the MICE industry changed because of all factors which appeared during the last 2 years. We are doing our best to fit into the new reality, ’new normal’ and one of the steps on this path is being a part of ICCA, which is one of the most significant associations in this industry. It is not the first time that Convention Bureau – Wroclaw is a member of ICCA, so when the opportunity has appeared we decided to come back. We also would like to be a part of this industry-changing process by showing Wroclaw not only as of the meeting place but also as the MICE place. It is a pleasure for us that we join the ICCA Family!

Tell us your story. How did Convention Bureau – Wroclaw get started?

Convention Bureau – Wroclaw was the first local convention bureau in Poland. This year, we celebrate 20 years on the Polish market! Wroclaw is located on the west side of Poland, close to the biggest cities in Poland, but also in close distance to the capital city of Germany and the Czech Republic. In addition, Wroc?aw is the city, where history meets the business so we have not only congress centers and hotels, but also unique venues. It could be only one conclusion – the convention bureau is necessary for the city. After 20 years and hundreds of organized conferences, congresses, and other events, we can say that it was a great decision. We are not slowing down and we are ready for new challenges and constant development.

What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

Each conference, congress, and other events which were organized in Wroclaw are a great success! One of the last kinds of events was a medical congress which should be organized in 2020 and almost everything was prepared, but as we all know, the pandemic situation appeared, and we had to face a lot of difficult decisions and situations. Finally, the congress was organized as a hybrid event thanks to our support and cooperation with local industry. We welcomed almost 600 people, both virtually and on-site, from 5 continents. We conducted 2 in 1 congress: 8 congress rooms for on-site participants and 8 streamings at the same time, including remote connections with Speakers from all around the world. It is definitely one of our fresh favourite success story!