This Month we get to know better Fuzhou Conference and Exhibition Service


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

Joining ICCA will enable our company to better align with global standards, remain informed about the latest industry news and insights, and build stronger connections with key players in the international conference industry. This will create opportunities for us to exchange knowledge and learn from global venues, allowing us to adopt best practices and continuously improve our event management capabilities and service standards. In doing so, we can contribute to the development of Fuzhou’s exhibition industry by making it more international, professional, and market-oriented, thereby supporting the growth of Fuzhou as a modern international city and a hub for conferences and exhibitions in Southeast Asia.

What sets Fuzhou Conference and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd apart?

As a state-owned enterprise integrating exhibition, conference, and event services, Fuzhou Conference and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd fully links and utilizes resources upstream and downstream the conference and exhibition industry, and together with marketing, provides customers with a diverse array of services, such as solicitation and reception, MICE tourism, transportation support, home venue services, exhibition planning, and venue management. It offers one-stop full-process support to meet customers' personalized needs and delivers added value to its customers.

What can we expect to see from Fuzhou Conference and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd in the future?

Optimization of venue services - Our company will continue to replace on-site audio-visual equipment, such as lighting, sound, screen displays, simultaneous interpreting personnel and devices, on a regular basis to meet the equipment needs of international conferences to the greatest extent possible. We will collaborate in pre-conference network setup testing, guest testing, and speaker management during the conference, and promptly follow up and address any unforeseen requirements and issues that may arise on-site with the utmost enthusiasm and highest level of service to support the conference.

Intelligent services - In the future, our company will fully integrate emerging technologies such as the internet, cloud computing, big data analysis, and VR panorama into the conference and exhibition industry. We will gradually introduce optimized services like VR panoramic venues, intelligent guidance, and smart parking, actively driving innovation in the conference and exhibition service model. By independently developing an online-offline integrated service model, we will build an intelligent platform for exhibition or conference services, on-site services, and home venue services, providing customers with more efficient and convenient one-stop end-to-end solutions before, during and after the exhibition.

Empowering host institutions with new media - To better assist out-of-town host institutions who are unfamiliar with local conditions in their promotional efforts, our company plans to delve into learning, researching, and cultivating our own WeChat Channels account and live streaming platforms. In addition, we will leverage our existing media resources, such as Fuzhou Broadcast and Television, and Fuzhou Daily, to provide personalized services based on the needs of the host institutions, focusing on exhibitions, assisting in promotion, and empowering the host institutions.

Integration of urban characteristics - Fuzhou boasts a long shipbuilding history, abundant hot spring resources, and long-standing tea culture. Our company will continue to explore the city's characteristics and cultural attributes, ponder and seek synergies between them and venues, and strive to enhance the commercial appeal of the venues with Fuzhou's cultural symbols.

What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?

As the global conference and exhibition industry continues to show good momentum of growth, the industry is playing a bigger role in boosting trade and economic development. In China, the conference and exhibition sector is now experiencing oversupply. Amid such intense competition, we have been pondering how to effectively articulate our value and advantages to stand out from numerous well-established and emerging venues nationwide, and strive to host both domestically and internationally renowned exhibitions.