This Month we get to know better InterForum:

What was your motivation to join ICCA?

The primary motivation for joining the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) is to enhance Uzbekistan's presence on the global stage by attracting and hosting international events. We believe it will allow InterForum to invite and bring international events to Uzbekistan in order to boost its economic, cultural, and diplomatic standing on the world stage. This motivation is driven by several key objectives:

  1. Boosting tourism and economic growth: increased number of visitors and rewarding economic benefits for the local businesses;
  2. Enhanced international recognition: putting InterForum and Uzbekistan on the global map to further increase their international visibility as well as building their positive image and reputation;
  3. Strengthening the MICE industry in Uzbekistan: further developing infrastructure that is able to host international events as well as setting higher professional standards in the sector;
  4. Strategic positioning of Uzbekistan as the central hub for international events in the CA region by leveraging its geographic location and cultural heritage to attract a diverse array of global events;
  5. Cultural exchange and knowledge transfer: creating networking opportunities for companies in the local MICE sector and enhancing their intellectual and professional development.


Tell us your story. How InterForum get started?

InterForum is a State supported entity that was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2019. It was founded with the specific purpose of organizing high-level events. These events are attended by the top officials from Uzbekistan and foreign countries. InterForum coordinates and manages those events in a centralized manner.


What sets InterForum apart?

We, here at InterForum, bring together specialized expertise in event management, ensuring that all aspects of event planning, from logistics to security, are handled professionally and efficiently. Considering the significance of the events organized and handled by InterForum, we maintain consistency and high standards across all of them. Meanwhile, being supported by the government benefits our entity to have leverages in certain matters where the private companies face serious challenges.


What is your favorite success story from your organization?

nterForum has many success stories that can impress many, however, our favorite so far are: i) playing a crucial role during the preparation for the negotiations with the UNESCO representatives on hosting their 25th General Assembly in Uzbekistan that led to a positive conclusion of decision-making: the General Assembly agreed to holding their event in Uzbekistan (for the record: the UNESCO General Assemblies have been held only in Paris for the last 40 years); and ii) the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of EBRD that was remarked by the majority of attendees as “one of (in not the best) Annual Meetings” they have ever been to.


What can we expect to see from InterForum in the future?

InterForum has the necessary capacity to offer competitive pricing to global partners seeking to host their international events in Uzbekistan. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to accommodate such events seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all participants. With advanced infrastructure, modern amenities, and a highly experienced team, InterForum can cater to a wide range of event requirements, making us a preferred choice for global organizers. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail further ensure that every event hosted with us meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


What is an industry challenge that your organization is facing currently?

One of the industry challenges that InterForum is currently facing is the lack of access to international events’ database, where they are advertised. Gaining access to a database of this sort would aid InterForum in reviewing and making decisions as to which international events we can host in Uzbekistan. Another challenge is the increasing competition from other international event hosting venues. With many neighboring countries investing heavily in their infrastructure and facilities to attract global events, the regional market has become highly competitive. This challenge requires InterForum to continuously innovate and improve its offerings to maintain a competitive edge. Additionally, fluctuations in global economic conditions and travel restrictions due to geopolitical issues or health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, can also pose significant challenges in attracting and securing international events