This Month we get to know better Panama Convention Center

What was your motivation to join ICCA?

From the beginning of our strategic Marketing Plan, ICCA was considered since it is a high value association.

One of our main goals as a brand new convention center is to contribute to the development of the Panamanian economy as a key player in the MICE market

ICCA is one of the leading associations where we can target our efforts and find business opportunities for Panama


Tell us your story. How did Panama Convention Center get started?

Panama Convention Center started as a brand new venue owned by the Autoridad de Turismo de Panama (ATP) but managed by SMG Latin America, a subsidiary of ASM Global, as many other venues facing COVID but at the same time as a key player in the development of the economy focusing efforts in getting International events, the main goal of the venue where ICCA fits in the core business of PCC.


What sets Panama Convention Center apart?

Panama Convention Center is one of the largest venues in Latin America, state of the art design and high-tech equipment 

  • 15,400 sq mt of Exhibit space into 3 divisible halls
  • 4,000 sq mt Ballroom, divisible into 3 separate halls
  • 2,400 sq mt in 16 breakouts 
  • 6,000 sq mt lobby
  • F&B service up to 5,000 pax
  • 1,700 parking spaces
  • Nursing room
  • Handicap Friendly
  • 4G and 5G ready
  • 12 loading docks

The venue itself produces many wow effects in every visitor and show organizer


What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

45 days after starting operations we hosted our first international event, 27th Florida Caribbean Cruise Association. After the show, the client told us that for the first time she got to the venue everything was set as she wanted with minimal minor changes. This first international event was a huge success in many ways.

  • First event at the venue
  • First international event held in Panama in a COVID environment.
  • Huge success for the organizer, the venue, and Panama City.


What can we expect to see from Panama Convention Center in the future?

Become an active member of ICCA, contacts, database, networking, and taking advantage of all the resources available from ICCA

Many international shows in the mid and long term

Position Panama and the Panama Convention Center as a professional and competitive destination that has airfare and more than enough rooms to host any type of events


Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?

  • Together again
  • Vaccination and international regulations for travellers
  • Make people travel
  • Less visitors, more qualified attendees
  • We have to keep working with hybrid events
  • Sustainability: net-zero carbon shows for 2030 and full zero carbon shows in 2050 are the main goals
  • Data use, ownership, management, and storage 


What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?

A short time window since the handover of the venue in order to attract international events to ramp up.

As a brand new venue and under the current health circumstances being flexible with show organizers with cancellation policies.

Health regulations might jeopardize travellers. Regulations are constantly changing depending on every country