Several appointments have been confirmed by the Board of Aquaculture without Frontiers which highlight that the organisation is moving in the right direction.
On the Board the new appointment is Mike (Michael) Deal who up until recently was President and CEO at Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA). Mike is a highly credible international development leader with extensive experience delivering results in the non-profit, business, and government sectors.
Mike began his career in international development with the U.S. Agency for International Development. He was USAID Mission Director in Colombia, culminating a 28-year Foreign Service career which included serving as Acting Assistant Administrator for Latin America and assignments in six developing countries. He achieved the rank of Minister Counselor in the Senior Foreign Service and received the Administrator's Outstanding Career Achievement Award.
Laura Rose has been appointed the first Programs and Development Leader for AwF and brings with her a wealth of experience in program development and strategy, grant writing, and aquaculture. She earned her Masters in Aquaculture from Auburn University in 1993, with the intent of applying those skills to poverty alleviation in developing countries. Most recently, she has worked on a tilapia farming project in Haiti. With additional expertise in marine education and outreach, as well as writing articles, technical reports, and other pieces for the public, her background makes her an ideal package for AwF and its plans moving forward.
An appointment of a European Ambassador in Paul van der Heijden has been confirmed and that has already seen some opportunities develop. Paul has a strong science background coupled with excellent management skills and outstanding aquaculture networks all entwined with a desire to ensure he is part of a legacy which develops a strong and innovative aquaculture industry auger well for the relationship.
Rick (Richard) Karney has also agreed to join the Technical Committee specifically on Shellfish where he has a fortune of skills, knowledge and experience. Rick has been Vice President of the National Shellfisheries Association, co-chair of the Southeast Massachusetts Aquaculture Center and was awarded the Gulf of Maine Visionary Award by the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment in part for demonstrating “that shellfish aquaculture can be an environmentally and economically sustainable activity for coastal communities”.
AwF President, Roy Palmer, acknowledged the loss from the Board of Albert Tacon, who has now been elected by his peers to Director, World Aquaculture Society and said “Losing someone of Albert’s experience from the Board was sad and it was important for us to secure the services of an equally elite professional and the Board agrees we have done that with the appointment of Mike Deal. Engaging Laura in the Programs & Development area will clearly strengthen our opportunities moving forward and then we have the bonuses of both Paul in EU and Rick in technical capacity, so we can start planning for 2019 with extreme confidence.”
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