Ulrike von Lonski, Chief Operating Officer - introducing her association
1. When was your association founded? 
2. Where is your association based, how many members do you have & in how many countries?
Based in London, the WPC has 65 member countries, representing 96% of the world’s total oil and gas production and consumption.
3. Who are your members?
The WPC National Committees in our member countries represent the whole spectrum of the oil and gas sector in that country: oil companies, services, regulators, government, academia, youth etc 
4. What is your mission & aim of the association?
The WPC is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable management and use of the world’s oil, gas and other energy resources for the benefit of all.
5. What are the major challenges facing your association?
Public opinion, geo-politics, social & environmental issues
6. What kind of events are organised by your association?
Board meetings, annual meetings, conferences, triennial Congress
7. What is the decision process behind the selection of a destination/venue?
Bid has to be submitted by National Committee ca 5 years before next open date. WPC Council votes on next host at annual Council meeting 4 years before next date.
8. Can you share your insights about the latest trends within the association community?
Associations have to provide increased value and ensure that they promote the business case to the potential delegates. More interest now in event sustainability and community engagement.
9. What does your association do in terms of legacy, do your meetings have a societal impact on the destination?
Any surplus from our Congresses is allocated to a legacy programme – often educational or community related – in the host country with 20% going to a Central Legacy Fund to benefit projects in countries that might not ever be able to host a Congress.
10. Are you looking to forge collaborations with other associations? If so in what areas of expertise?
We always look to learn from our fellow associations in any field: programme development, fundraising, member engagement, sustainability programmes.
For more information on WPC please check their website: www.world-petroleum.org