In the present chaos of the world right now, human beings are living between the acts of awakening and surrender.
Many challenges within our world today, stem in part from a leadership that is ill prepared to deal with current complexity of a fast changing world. Yet chaos can bring about new possibilities and so it is the new leaders that are gently emerging in our world as possibility thinkers.

They have broken out of the paradigm of limited awareness and they can navigate comfortably between differing and sometimes clashing organisational cultures, agendas and systems. They have left the old systems of power behind and moved from I to we, and can be regularly heard using words like connection and collaboration as they forge new networks and pathways. The old world of institutions, greed and control are slowly collapsing to make way for the new story. Recent times have been ridden with anxiety and all over the planet we are crying out for a new kind of leadership. For too long now we have denied the soul… 

Society is just becoming sick of putting up with low standards and mediocrity. It’s as if a great coarseness has crept into the 21st century. A kind of greed has taken us over and every time we turn on the TV, Radio or read the papers, it is brain wash emerging. Imagine if we built cultures of soul around the world, what a difference it would make to how society would be run and how we would treat each other with more reverence.

I passionately believe that in our world today the time has come to rediscover the act of reverence. When we meet another human being and we feel a strong sense of reverence, it opens the threshold between two souls.
The new possibility leader or as Dr Jean Houston calls, the Social Artist dares to lead with courage, vision, imagination and heart. The possibility leader is needed more than ever before to lead the shift to a new and higher level of consciousness at work. Bringing about a more positive future and embedding life affirming values and practices.
What is a possibility leader?

  • They continually work to develop their inner skills as well as their outer image.
  • They are skilled to provide consultation, leadership and guidance for changing paradigms, legislation and structures within their sphere of influence.
  • Great net-workers who connect and collaborate/and build learning communities.
  • They are intuitive and able to perceive complex dynamics within groups and see new trends emerge from chaos.
  • They are highly skilled in the art of timing - + then take action – identifying organisational trim tabs on projects where a little amount of effort results in huge shifts.
  • You can clearly see how skilled they are in the art of interpersonal relationships and can evoke the diverse potential in others.

Now is the time for real and positive change in the world. We don’t need any more membership cards and the world is full of statistics. We now need the authenticity of soul to lead in a new way. It will take great courage to stop doing and being citizens of the cyber world and surrender to our true nature, which is soul and possibility will come to meet us. Then and only then will we leave a true legacy for future generations and realise one soul at a time, just how precious our time here on the planet really is. Not since 600 BC has their been such a spiritual uprising, it’s about time that we all awaken to the fact that we are students and partners of creation and as a
society we need to move from the I ‘ness to the such-ness of we…
Many people all over the world have come to the end of the road… and are ready to live the new story. I say let
the new story begin now and so it is…