In today’s age of budget cuts and time constraints, the question of proving the value of your annual meeting has never been more important.
In order to address this question ICCA specifically designed a ROI tool for its members to measure the value of attending ICCA events. Over time many ICCA members started using this ICCA tool at every trade show and conference their organisation participated in, as it significantly improved the effectiveness of their planning and evaluation processes, and encouraged all their staff to think about personal development opportunities as well as how they can contribute towards corporate priorities and targets.

Inspired by our members we have modified the original publication for association meeting planners, not just for your own use and understanding on how to prove the ROI of your meeting, but to customize to your own association’s particular circumstances and objectives (e.g. if you are running a medical conference you can include individual-delegate objectives around CME accreditation). This generic version is designed to both illustrate the principles of ROI of meetings, and to contain enough concrete detail to usefully copy/paste for your own version. We are therefore including a PDF document as well as WORD document which you can easily use and adapt.