The ICCASkills International Academic Advisory Committee harnesses the expertise of academics, university representatives and ICCA members globally, bringing an impressive and diverse range of background disciplines and a wealth of knowledge to the table. ICCA Skills is the certification programme for ICCA members and  the industry to meet the challenges of the need for new business models, enhanced professionalism and standards in the industry. 

The committee will develop curriculum guidelines and content specifications to create an outstanding learning journey for its two leading certification courses, Certified International Convention Specialist (CICS), and Certified International Convention Executive (CICE). 

"The International Academic Advisory Committee members are contributing substantial knowledge, experience, and perspective to the committee," said Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO. 

"This is an exciting time for ICCA as we realise our multifaceted education strategy to elevate the professional development of our members to the next level of excellence. I am grateful for their commitment to and support of the ICCASkills programme; the committee's activities are shaping an innovative and unique certification programme for our members." 

The Advisory Committee comprises five academic leaders:

  • Dr. Colin Drake - Victoria University, Australia
  • Prof. Dr. Gernot Gehrke - Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany
  • Dr. Keiko Nishimoto, CMP - Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Management, Japan
  • Dr. Martin Robertson - Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Dr. Kim Werner - Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Germany    

With courses beginning in the first quarter of 2022, ICCA will grant recognition to industry professionals who have met certain predetermined qualifications specified by the association. Please visit the ICCA website for further information about the ICCASkills Certifications.