This Month we get to know better CYIM 


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

CYIM is a trusted partner for scientific associations in Europe. Specializing in IT solutions, the COVID- period has been challenging to provide quick and efficient solutions to face it for our clients. Maintaining sharing knowledge during this period was necessary, especially for specialties that were directly involved in the pandemic (for example, emergency / intensive care services). During this period, CYIM developed and provided new solutions that met their needs.  

Our strategy consists in expanding our know-how to new clients in the international market. ICCA is a strong association that can support us to extend our Network into the MICE community and help us share our knowledge keeping at our core, providing services for scientific associations. 


Tell us your story. How did Cyber Imagination get started? 

CYIM is, above all, the encounter between the medical environment and the world of new technologies. 

By the end of the 90’s, the use of the Web became an obvious choice for scientific communities and for some leading societies which started to take an interest in this new way of communication. 

Very quickly, Erwan Galesne and Samuel Castel, the two founders of CYIM understood the potential and the impact these new technologies could bring to sharing knowledge. 

CYIM played a significant role providing these medical communities with powerful means to design, produce and broadcast their events in a professional way. 

CYIM chose to help and to focus its activities for those who owned and produced the knowledge. Even today, this gives the teams the opportunity to meet highly involved healthcare professionals who express their commitment in the associative framework. 


What setCyber Imagination apart? 

The choice we made to work exclusively for scientific associations allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ issues and expectations. 

This strategic orientation offers consistency and relevance in the solutions we offer, which provide answers to a single objective: promote the development of scientific communities. More than ever, our proposal is specific as we offer a whole chain of integrated services articulated around 3 departments. 

  • Association: enhance communication with members and simplify membership management (CRM, websites,...). 

  • Event: Tools that facilitate the management of events (abstract submissions, programme management, presentation management system, live and VOD broadcast, apps…) 

  • Education: Share know-how and train association member (exams). 


What is your favourite success story from your organisation? 

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine members were at the frontline of the current COVID 19 pandemic in Europe. They came to us during the lockdown with the idea of organizing a virtual (100% online) webinar marathon focused on the outbreak of the pandemic in order to help the first European countries that were facing it (mainly Italy at this time). This event had to be organized in 2 weeks and remotely. 

We developed for them a full organization to receive their speakers, prepare them to the remote intervention ( this technology was new for them at this time) provide multiplex solutions and stream for an international audience. height hours of direct Live streaming and 20 specialists from all