This Month we get to know better G2A Arena


What was your motivation to join?

As one of the most recognizable event venues in Poland, we seek unnumerable ways in which we can extend our reach. Joining ICCA is one of the paths in which we can do this. We connect people on so many levels by hosting and organizing events – it is our hope that joining ICCA will present further possibilities and also extend our MICE network considerably.


Tell us your story – how did G2A Arena get started?

The story begins in June 2016 with the official opening of G2A Arena as the Exhibition and Congress Centre of the Podkarpackie Region. Since then we have organized almost 700 events of varied format and scale. As a case in point: the Mars Rover Challenge, the 590 Congress, Aerospace and Defence Meetings, the 60mln Congress, EKOGala, numerous concerts, conferences and workshops. The journey continues to this day.


What sets G2A Arena apart?

For the most part the multi-functional character of the venue. This combined with a strategic location at the border of three centrally located European countries (Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia) gives the event organizer a unique value proposition.


What is your favourite success story from your organization?

Over the years G2A Arena was not only a venue for hosting events – we have become a very creative and effective event management company. We created distinctive formats in very diverse fields: law, medicine, IT, business, and personal development. The team that we created for this purpose is our greatest success story.


What can we expect to see from G2A Arena in the future?

G2A Arena is set to host and organize more quality events than ever before. We are working on large formats that make direct impact. An example of this is the planned annual W4UA Summit, CE Real Estate Summit and CE Blockchain Summit. We look forward to the future by shaping that future. We take choose to be proactive in this respect.


Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?


In terms of ICCA meetings then it is too early for us to see any particular trends.


What is an industry challenge your organization is currently facing?

There are essentially two challenges that we are facing – the first is the uncertainty that follows from the COVID pandemic. Lockdowns have a direct impact on event booking. We have set remedies in the past (online, or hybrid formats), but these seemed to be half measures at best.

Another challenge stems from the fact that we are located close to a country currently at war – i.e. Ukraine. This brings about certain limitations. At the same time the situation has also bred an number of opportunities – especially in terms of creating projects linked with the geopolitical situation.