The ICCA Future Leaders Council was launched in March 2021, with the aim to provide a platform to extend the influence of young leaders within the ICCA Community and make a lasting impact on our industry.

we are pleased to present the first project of the 8 members who make up the ICCA Future Leaders Council, where they have investigated the centrality of social responsibility in meeting the post-pandemic needs of ICCA’s association meetings. This is the inaugural project that they have worked on and further projects will be completed during their two-year term.

Hear from the Future Leaders Council on their first project here:



Disrupting the Status Quo: Young Professionals’ Approach to Social Sustainability

A must-read for any organizations operating in the meetings industry and wanting to attract and retain the next generations of leaders. 

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The idea behind the paper is framed by an understanding that change begins with the people attending and organizing meetings, rather than meeting environmental KPIs. The Future Leaders Council has redefined social sustainability through the eyes of young event professionals and provides recommendations on how to attract and retain them in the industry.

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