ICCA is excited to share - ICCA Partnering for Success 2024 – providing regional insights into the global association meetings industry. 

This report is a must-read if you want to discover new places for your next association meeting or learn more about how the meetings industry is evolving in other parts of the world. Discover more about the latest trends and insights in a range of subject areas to help you decide on the most suitable global destination for your next event. Get a better understanding too of the innovative work being done at a local, regional, and national level by the ICCA Association Community to support their associations. 

Report highlights include: 

  • What’s new in the destinations of the ICCA Association Partners.

  • What and where are the most popular meeting destinations - with country rankings per region.

  • How destinations are re-focusing their value proposition to better support the changing needs of associations .

  • How destinations around the world have been working on initiatives to provide sustainable meeting spaces and support associations with creating a positive impact through their events. 

  • How ICCA can help as a leading industry advocate.

  • Regional insights from the ICCA Regional Directors, the people with their eyes and their ears on the ground.

We believe this report is an invaluable asset in your decision-making process and can form an integral part of your meetings strategy.

Download the full report now. And if you want to know more, please contact your Regional Director