2022 was a pivotal year for the international events and meetings industry as it (largely) emerged from COVID-19 restrictions to embrace once more, the return of in-person meetings. That’s why in May this year, #ICCA was proud to announce the return of our eagerly awaited Country – and City – Rankings as we published the full rankings for 2022. This information was shared with our members. We are now thrilled to present the Public Abstract version of the 2022 report, which is available to all.

The Public Abstract is an excellent resource to view both 2022 trends and hopefully predict what we might expect to see as we continue into 2023. We hope you enjoy the business narrative and stats contained in the report.

If you require more in-depth analysis - which is available exclusively to ICCA members via our new ICCA Business Intelligence platform - please contact us now about ICCA membership and the many business benefits it brings


Access the report here