This Month we get to know better ExpoPlatform:


What was your motivation to join ICCA?
We are committed to to engaging and growing with association events so we can offer the best possible technology for these organizations. Membership will allow us to better tailor our offerings to the issues impacting associations, using in-depth data and analysis produced by ICCA’s expert industry research team. It also provides better opportunities to network and connect with leaders across the sector.

Tell us your story. How ExpoPlatform get started?

ExpoPlatform was started by Tanya Pinchuk as a subsidiary of Exhibition Centre in Ukraine. We were then officially launched in the UK in 2013 as a technology platform for exhibitions, congresses and other corporate events. Tanya was joined by co-founder Mykyta Fastovets, who provided the creative vision for the technology roadmap of the newly-launched platform. The company has grown through a series of partnerships and tie-ups, expanding operations around the world including the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, India, Australia, UAE and more. We now work with the world's biggest event organizers and are trusted by high-profile associations around the globe.

Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?

There are two key areas which are crucial for the future of associations: community and AI. For the first issue, building a year-round platform for your members means they can engage, learn and continue professional development 365 days a year. It also helps you to curate your content and improve touchpoints to better promote your in-person events. Meanwhile, AI is here and it is here to stay. Associations need to take advantage of this new technology - it helps with research, it helps with basic kinds of writing as well to try and do some data scraping. It makes processes much more efficient and effective for associations as well as helping to get people involved in your association.