This Month we get to know better THINKPARK Culture Communicacion Co., Ltd.  


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

THINKPARK has, through the optimization of organizational structure and the expansion of customer types, evolved from a regional service provider to a national and global service supplier and accumulated a group of international corporate customers. We aim to leverage the strong platform advantages of ICCA to access more cutting-edge and international information content, thus better achieving the goal of becoming a global integrated marketing service group.


Tell us your story. How did THINKPARK get started?

THINKPARK got started in Hangzhou on July 29, 2012, with initially just 7 individuals, and has since grown to a team of 200 people. Relying on the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and perseverance, we have seized every project opportunity and grown along with our customers and team to where we are today. From conference event services to end-to-end integrated marketing, as our business has expanded, we have also developed more diverse service capabilities and extended our service range.


What sets THINKPARK apart?

THINKPARK's growth is closely tied to economic development, from the vigorous development of the small-town economy and digital economy in Zhejiang Province to the rapid growth of the Internet and technology industries. THINKPARK always keeps pace with the development of the times, dynamically adjusts its team, learns from successful experiences of different customers through projects, summarizes the value behind projects, and explores management models and innovative thinking that are suited for the present.

Based on many years of customer cultivation, THINKPARK established a total of three major business groups in the middle stage of organizational development: convention & exhibition, experiential marketing, and digital integrated marketing. This has allowed THINKPARK to possess rare cross-field practical capabilities in exhibitions, public relations activities, and integrated marketing in the Chinese market. Besides, THINKPARK aligns itself with the 2.0 model of exhibition industry development, providing customers with comprehensive and integrated BoB and BoC services.


What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

Success is not achieved overnight. we believe that success is always directly proportional to the effort put in. While a company's success may seem to stem from business expansion, service capabilities, and efficiency improvements, it is even more reliant on the development of strategy, organization, talent, and culture. These are the key factors for the sustainable development of an enterprise.


What can we expect to see from THINKPARK in the future?

In 2024, THINKPARK has proposed the leading strategy, the globalization strategy, and the digital strategy. We will adhere to these strategies in the next 10 years. Through continuous self-reflection and external learning, we have established sound systems for talent training, organizational culture development, and project management. These constitute the core competitiveness of THINKPARK and will drive us towards our globalization goals. We hope to become a leading exhibition service provider in China within five years, while improving our capabilities to host events and further expanding our presence in the industry.


Which trends do you see in ICCA Congresses?

ICCA Congresses are an important bellwether of global economic and social development. Amid the uncertainties of the overall economic environment and global situation, the European and American markets are growing, but the Chinese market can hardly return to its pre-2020 levels. Nevertheless, with economic recovery worldwide and the significant increase in the size of China's economy, China remains an attractive market, and its digital, technological, and medical sectors are expected to develop more rapidly due to the restructuring of its economy. Digitization is an inevitable trend for the development of the conference industry, so enterprises in the industry should embrace advanced digital and AI technologies to drive their own growth.


What are the industry challenges facing your organization?​

The rising costs of conference activities, the erosion of technological barriers among peers, and the adoption of higher environmental protection and sustainability requirements... Facing these challenges, we need to continuously improve our core competitiveness, with customer value as the guiding principle. This requires the collective efforts of every team member.