This study draws on data collected in the period between the beginning of July and early September of 2023. A total of 248 responses were received globally across all geographic regions, providing a nuanced picture of the status of our industry regarding international meetings and focusing on the efforts in event and destination sustainability. Building on the January survey’s deep dive into sustainability, legacy and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI), this survey dissected organisation’s efforts in sustainability and potential roadblocks to innovative approaches to business models, long-term sustainability and the diversification of revenue streams.

For the first time, we investigated our member's “toolkits” to gain an understanding of the tools and resources being utilised – and those that are missing, including an in-depth analysis of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other UN driven or inspired resources in sustainability.

While global recovery is progressing, challenges persist on the horizon. Global economies remain sensitive, Europe grapples with the shadow of conflict, and the United States anticipates another notable Presidential election. Alarming signals from the international scientific community emphasise the urgent need for attention to our trajectory towards a potential global catastrophe. Governments have yet to fully implement their sustainability plans under the Paris Agreement, designed to limit the increase in global temperatures to below 2 degrees.

Innovation, creativity, resilience and a collaborative spirit are needed for the journey ahead. Opportunities in turning challenges into success stories lie ahead, narratives of creating legacies and positive social impact and promoting sustainability for a better future.

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