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ICCA & Destination Canada International Sustainability Report

This study draws on data collected in the period between the beginning of July and early September of 2023. A total of 248 responses were received globally across all geographic regions, providing a nuanced picture of the status of our industry regarding international meetings and focusing on the…

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A Modern History of International Association Meetings: 1963-2012

“A modern history of international association meetings” ICCA conducted a study of 50 years of association meetings data as the centrepiece of its new publication, “A modern history of international association meetings”, launched as part of ICCA’s 50th anniversary year in September 2013. ICCA…

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Get useful advice on your congress bidding document– Case study

Does your association have a formal bid document? How often do you review it? Have you ever had the opportunity to have a look at another associations’ bid document? Have you ever let an outsider read your own bid document? A fresh set of eyes can provide many useful tips on elements which are…

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