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ICCA Association Database

The redesigned ICCA Association Database: What ICCA members are saying about it User-friendly | time-saving | quicker search | very useful | brand new fresh look | more efficient | very clear | clean | killer applications | excellent | focused info | easy to use | will make our lives easier |…

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A Modern History of International Association Meetings: 1963-2012

“A modern history of international association meetings” ICCA conducted a study of 50 years of association meetings data as the centrepiece of its new publication, “A modern history of international association meetings”, launched as part of ICCA’s 50th anniversary year in September 2013. ICCA…

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ICCA Statistics Reports for ICCA members

The ICCA Statistics Reports are based on the ICCA Association Database, which means the figures cover meetings organised by international associations which take place on a regular basis and which rotate between a minimum of three countries. ICCA’s Association Database is designed as a sales and…

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