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10 Reasons for press to join ICCA

1. Access to, and exclusive networking opportunities with, potential advertisers and respected spokespersons in the international meetings industry. Senior executives play an active role in ICCA membership, so you get to meet decision makers and budget holders, who are your potential advertisers…

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Less is more

I remember the time, when you had a slowdown in your workload. I remember times around the summer and Christmas holidays, when the amount of emails and urgent actions required was minimal. You could catch up on things, you usually never have time for, i.e. filing (when we had still all mainly as a…

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Motivating your millennials to stay the long-haul

It doesn’t take Einstein to conclude that motivation and empowerment are the key to retaining your human capital, yet it appears that some organisations – large and small alike, are still failing to recognize this key facet as something not to be taken lightly. I say this through observing the…

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