Bidding and Decision Making White paper coverThe annual congress or convention of an international association plays a massively significant role in the life of that organisation. It is typically the only time when a large proportion of the members of the association physically gather together; the only time when the association is at the front of the minds of those individuals for an extended period; and the only time when the association attains a concrete form and when its unique culture can be directly experienced.

For many associations it is also a source of vital revenue that supports other less lucrative activities, the channel for positive PR and for membership growth, and a tremendous opportunity to launch new initiatives and obtain immediate feedback. And of course, for the vast majority of associations, it is also a legal necessity. For all these reasons, associations need to be sure that their decision-making processes match up with their needs and objectives.

This is a must-have guide for any international association wishing to improve their bidding or decision-making methodology!

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