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Working with convention bureaux

A convention bureau is a destination’s marketing body, and its main focus or purpose is to increase the number of events, conferences and meetings held in the destination – whether a city, a region or a country. The local convention bureau is the natural starting point for anyone who wants to…

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Negotiating with hotels

Most hotels have limited experience of dealing with associations and are more familiar with corporate meetings and intermediary agencies, whose needs and buying behaviour can be very different from those of association planners. Many buyers in the association world have limited experience of…

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International association meetings: bidding and decision-making

The annual congress or convention of an international association plays a massively significant role in the life of that organisation. It is typically the only time when a large proportion of the members of the association physically gather together; the only time when the association is at the…

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Contracting with major congress & convention venues

The terms used to describe meetings and exhibition venues vary around the world. They may be congress, conference or convention centres, exhibition centres, or a combination of both. The common factor, with respect to this guide, is that the venues work on an international basis – and so…

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